Kobe 6 BHM 2024: Leveling Up Black History Month, Like Whoa!

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2024 is shaking things up in the field of Black History Month kicks, especially the iconic Kobe-themed pairs. Vanessa Bryant is the torchbearer, ensuring this tradition lives on, and we’re absolutely loving it. We’ve been patiently waiting for the unreleased 2023 BHM Kobe sneakers. Fortunately, now Nike is revisiting the classic Black and Gold Kobe 6 BHM from the early 2011s. It’s like reconnecting with an old friend. So, let’s dive into all the details of the Kobe 6 BHM 2024.black-history-month-2024

Black History Month History, Heritage, and Hoops

Black culture has made an indelible mark on society, and Nike has paid homage to these influences with some pretty cool kicks. Starting way back in 2005, Nike began celebrating African-American heritage through its sneakers. It all began with the simple Air Force 1s, and now it’s turned into a treasure trove of releases. All contributing to the cause of equality and diversity.

Plus, we’ve got stars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant dropping new BHM Nike sneakers every year during the NBA’s month-long celebration. But if there’s one shoe that definitely rocks the Black History Month colorway, it’s got to be a Kobe Bryant sneaker. That’s why Nike is finally giving the public a shot at owning KOBE 6 BHM 2024!

Kobe 6 BHM 2024: Flipping the Script  with Mad Style

The Kobe 6 BHM 2024 keeps it real with that original 2011 style, still rocking those gold accents. But here’s where they switch things up – they’ve gone with a slick white color scheme. And that’s not all; they’ve given these kicks a modern makeover. The midsole has a 50% larger Zoom Air Turbo bag in the forefoot and an improved heel foam.

Moreover, the Kobe 6 Protro BHM brings even more heat with a golden BHM hit and some “Be Legendary” text right inside the collar. Also, they’ve got Kobe’s Kill Bill-inspired “sheath” logo and those shiny golden Swooshes. Kobe 6 Protro BHM

Release Deets: Brace for Resale Profit Boom

So, here’s the deal: the Kobe 6 BHM 2024 is dropping in February 2024, and you can snag a pair for $190. But here’s the twist – the 2011 edition is raking in a jaw-dropping $3K on the resale market. Yep, you heard it right, that’s some sweet side cash right there.

Well, listen up, the long-awaited Kobe 6 reverse Grinch is coming soon too and we CAN’T miss it. However, the competition is fierce and the sneaker game is no joke. So, if you wanna cop those golden kicks & more, you’ve got to up your game and develop a killer strategy. That’s where one of the best SNKRS bots and the perfect setup come into play. Lucky for you, TSB has got your back in 2024! Good luck fam!

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