How To Fix Squeaky Shoes? Simple Solutions For Silent Strides!

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Stepping out in fresh expensive kicks, only to be greeted by that dreaded squeak? It’s a shoe lover’s nightmare! But fear not! You’re not alone in this noisy journey. From newbies to seasoned sneakerheads, we’ve all faced the squeak struggle. Instead of bidding farewell to your precious kicks, let’s beat this squeak head-on! Here’s how to fix squeaky shoes in the easiest ways!squeaky shoes 

How to Fix Squeaky Shoes: Solving The Common Causes

First, you have to figure out where the squeaky noise is coming from. You can ask a friend to listen closely while you walk. Or you can try staying in one spot and rocking your feet forward and back and from left to right. 

Here are the top three common reasons for squeaky shoes.

I. How to Fix Squeaky Insoles?

Loose insoles in older shoes often cause squeaking due to friction with the shoe. So, here’s how to fix this.

How to Fix Squeaky Insoles

  1. Sprinkle baby powder underneath the insoles in your shoes. 
  • If insoles move while you walk, they may cause the noise. Remove them, sprinkle baby powder, or cornstarch, inside the shoes, and then reinsert them. This reduces friction, minimizing squeaks.
  • For shoes without removable insoles, apply powder along the seams of the insoles instead of underneath them.

      2. Try putting paper towels underneath the insoles. 

Another way, try folding two paper towels to fit inside your shoes and slide them under the insoles. This will reduce movement and squeaking while walking.

  • If paper towels aren’t an option, napkins or dryer sheets will do the trick!
  • Replace paper towels regularly to avoid any unpleasant smell

3. Apply coconut oil under the insoles if your shoes are still squeaking. 

Take out the insoles and apply a thin layer of coconut oil to the bottom inside of your shoes. Reinsert the insoles afterward. This lubrication can reduce squeaking as the insoles move. If needed, reapply the oil if squeaking returns later on.

II. How To Stop the Bottom of Shoes From Squeaking

How To Stop the Bottom of Shoes From Squeaking

  1. Rub the bottoms of your shoes with a dryer sheet. 

If your shoes squeak on smooth surfaces like tile or hardwood floors, they may be too slick. Rub the bottoms with a dryer sheet to reduce squeaking. Repeat this process every few times you wear your shoes to prevent squeaking from returning.

      2. Roughen up the bottoms of your shoes with sandpaper.

Gently sand the bottoms until they feel slightly rough to the touch. This can make them less smooth and polished, reducing squeaking when you walk. Make sure to use fine sandpaper with a grit of 120-220 to avoid scratching up your shoes too much.

      3. Use super glue to reattach loose shoe bottoms.

If there’s a gap between the bottom and upper part of your shoe, fill it with super glue and clamp it down until dry. Loose bottoms can cause squeaking, so reattaching them may solve the problem.

  • If you don’t have clamps, try using something heavy or rubber bands to hold the bottom and upper part of the shoe together.
  • Allow the super glue to dry for 24 hours before wearing your shoes.

III. Fixing Squeaking on the Outside of Shoes

Fixing Squeaking on the Outside of Shoes

  1. Apply conditioning oil to your shoes if the outsides are squeaking due to the material rubbing together. Make sure to reapply as needed since the oil will fade over time.
  2. Put saddle soap on the tongues if the squeaking is from the laces. Lubricate the front side of the tongues with saddle soap to stop the squeaking. Alternatively, use conditioning oil if saddle soap is not available. Reapply as needed.
  3. Try drying your shoes if moisture is causing the squeaking. Hang them in a dry, warm spot or stuff them with crumpled newspaper overnight to absorb excess moisture.

How To Stop Shoes From Squeaking: Extra Tips

Wear Your Squeaky Shoes Everywhere.

Sometimes, new shoes are only squeaky when you wear them for the first few times. In this case, the best option is to wear them in and speed up the process by wearing them whenever you can. 

How To Fix Squeaky Leather Shoes?

The best way to stop leather boots from squeaking is to visit a shoe repair professional. Squeaks in leather shoes are often because moisture enters through holes or rips in the sole. A cobbler can re-glue the soles to fix the issue.

How To Fix Squeaky High Heels?

To address moisture-related squeaks, sprinkle baby powder or cornstarch inside the shoe. Also, you can massage the insole to release trapped air bubbles. But, if it’s more of a structural issue, consult a shoe repair specialist for the best solution.

Now That You Know How To Fix Squeaky Shoes

Now that you know how to fix squeaky shoes, it’s important to prevent other common shoe problems. Our shoes are precious, so taking care of them is a MUST! You can stay informed and safe with this ultimate sneaker care guide. For more stories, cleaning tips, or repair guides on sneakers, be sure to check out our ultimate blog. Until next time, fam!

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