Air Max Day 2022: The Day to Celebrate Life-Changing Shit!

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Nike Air Max Day 2022 is imminent, and you know what that shit means: NEW KICKS! And in 2022, it’s all about the Air Max 1. But this year, the kicks are coming with a twist, and we ain’t complaining! So, read on to find out how Air Max Day came to life, and why you need to cop those Air Max 1s like there’s no tomorrow. But, if you’re not a fan (weird, but ok…), you can check out the upcoming Jordan 1 Rebellionaire US drop!

How Did Air Max Day Become A Sneakerhead Holiday?

Let’s go back to the roots first. In 1987, Tinker Hatfield was in Paris and saw the Pompidou Center. The building’s post-modern architecture inspired Hatfield and gave him an idea that changed the sneaker world. Why not have the Air cushioning in the kicks visible? That was one of his many great ideas to be fair, but this idea pushed Nike back into the competition. Back then, they were kinda hitting the business plateau that nobody likes. So the visible Air bag was revolutionary on many different levels!


27 years later, on March 26, Nike decided to celebrate the day the first Air Max 1 dropped. From then on, that date became a calendar-mark-worthy day for sneakerheads. And of course, Nike wasn’t gonna sit and be boring. Nope. The Swoosh went on and outdid itself every year with cool events. From releasing new silhouettes to lighting up the inspiration building with a Vapormax, we saw it all. And if you wanna read about Air Max Day events throughout the years, you can check this out peeps.

2022’s Celebrations Are Getting Regional!

This year, it’s all about the Air Max 1 making the ultimate comeback. And you can trust that the silhouette deserves the highlight in 2022! I mean, that shit is as timeless as the Air Force 1 and New Balance 550. Anyway, the upcoming Air Max 1s won’t be your usual collection. They’ll be region-exclusive so that every region would appreciate the kicks right.

Air Max 1 “Blueprint”

The North American exclusive will feature a grid-like design. The grid on which Tinker Hatfield probably sketched his Air Max 1 design. The colorway is a mix of blue, white, and sail. Of course, the coolest thing about these kicks is that they have mismatched gridlike swooshes! As we already said, these will be North American exclusives and will drop on March 26, 2022. Although we don’t have a retail value, the kicks are worth $304 on average in resale!


Air Max 1 “La Ville Lumière”

Now this one is pretty cool if you ask us. Besides dropping exclusively in Europe, the colorway is just happy! At first glance, the kicks give normy vibes with a mix of white and off-white. But a closer look will show that the upper is color-changing! We also have 3.26 on the tongue, and “La Ville Lumière” prints on the insoles. This is a tribute to Paris, the city of lights, where Tinker Hatfield got the Air Max inspo. Finally, the kicks will be women-exclusives, and will have really cute charms on them! They’ll naturally drop on March 26, 2022, for $160!


Air Max 1 “Wabi-sabi”/”Premium”

Now we’re gonna go down the vintage road of sneakers! Nike used all premium materials on this pair, which explains the alternative name. But the colorway gets its actual name Wabi-sabi because the traditional Japanese aesthetic of the same name is the inspiration! The concept is about accepting imperfections and appreciating their beauty. It kinda explains the cracks on the yellowing midsole. This colorway will also drop on the 26th, for $150. Meanwhile, you can find it on the resale market for about $460. But unless you’re reselling, who wants to do that?!


Catch the Air Max Day Drops for Retail Yo!

As we already said, who wants to pay resale for the kicks?

Well, unless you’re the seller, then we totally hope for buyers. But if you wanna flip the Air Max Day kicks for the highest profit possible, you’ll need to get them for retail! And since the kicks are dropping on the SNKRS app, you’ll wanna go for a Nike SNKRS bot. That shit can up your sneaker game, helping you get as many entries to the draw as you can. The sky is the limit when you own a sneaker bot. Or actually, your Nike accounts and proxies are the limits. So make sure you stock up on high-quality ones to get the best out of your bot on every launch.

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