Air Jordan 11 Adapt: Is It Really Worth $500 at Retail?

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Twenty five years ago, his Airness made a comeback run in NBA 1995 in the iconic Air Jordan 11. Tinker Hatfield boldly designed this tech-inspired silhouette and Michael Jordan loved it so much, he decided not to wait for Nike’s approval to wear it. In fact, he wore it for a full season! We’re talking about the nineties NBA here. Where players would change shoes during halftime to flaunt their sponsors. MJ, on the other hand, wore the innovative Air Jordan 11 for the full NBA season of 95-96. The premature exposure of these Jordan kicks and Jay’s bold love for it made it one of the industry’s most coveted sneakers.


Here’s Why Air Jordan 11 Adapt Is Worth $500

So here we are twenty five years later and it looks like we’ve got Nike’s approval! The innovative sneaker of 1995 finally takes an unforgettable leap toward high technology in 2020. For the first time, an Air Jordan 11 is infused with Nike Adapt Technology! Can you imagine the sky-high performance of an Adapt BB 2.0 and the looks of the Jordan 11?! Because this is what the Jordan 11 Adapt represents. 

It’s got App functionality, analog buttons on the midsole, and a charging pad and plug! Not to mention a lock-down mechanism that replaces traditional laces. We know the Air Jordan 35 made a striking debut this year, but there ain’t nothing in Jordan history as modern as this upcoming release. And you can take that to the bank! Which, now that money’s on the table, will charge you 500 big ones for this soleful purchase. 

Good news is you’ll get to pay the bank back and treat yourself if you decide to resell this Jordan. Although it costs $500 at retail, it’s reselling for an average $1,700 on GOAT. Also, can you really call yourself a Jordan fan if you don’t cop the latest update of his all-time favorite? Think of how proud Michael Jordan must be to witness this fusion. 


Cop This Never-Before-Made Air Jordan 11!

So, if you’ll be copping the Jordan 11 Adapt with TSB, expect it to release on December 30th. We scored our users around one million dollars in profit copping the Nike Sacai Vaporwaffles this week! Which makes us shit excited and armed to cop this never-before-made Air Jordan 11!

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