Why Are Sneaker Cookgroups Worth It Now?

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If you’re into sneaker copping and/or reselling then you certainly know how hard it is to get your hands on more than one pair of kicks. No matter where and when they’re dropping, especially with raffles, shock drops, and site blocking. Sneaker reselling is no different from any other business or job where combined group collaborations would triple the efficiency. This is where sneaker cookgroups come into play.sneaker-cookgroups

What are Sneaker Cookgroups?

Chat groups on Slack or Discord where collaborated information and discussion on sneakers, releases, drops, sneaker bots and many more would go on. The simple combination of a slack or discord group membership and a powerful sneaker bot is the best to highly increase your chances of copping the limited sneakers or item of your choice. 

The benefit lies in getting legit info from a whole community of elite and sneakerheads, resellers, collectors and others. All sharing the same passion that would serve your goal in copping, flipping or simply flicking your sneakers. An elite cookgroup can get you covered whenever you face a problem any time from knowing sneakers details and drops all the way to copping them.

For a detailed list of Sneaker cookgroups, their availability, and subscription fees, check this website.

How to join a slack or discord cookgroup?

When choosing a cookgroup to subscribe to, you should consider several criteria like the language of communication used, the benefits offered, and the monthly subscription fee. That of course if there are available slots to join. Many major sneaker cookgroups are out of stock. So to join them you need to keep an eye, usually on Twitter, for any restocks.

As previously said, cookgroup owners and members are real sneakerheads that can be available anywhere in the world. That’s why working hours and the language used differ from a group to another. And since communication is key, and to get the best help and support, some users prefer a group over the other for the purpose of timing and language.

So how do you join a sneaker cookgroup?


1. Pay to Join

Regarding the pricing, most sneaker cookgroups offer monthly subscription fees that range from $12 to $79. So to join these groups, all you gotta do is go to their website and buy your membership, and if you’re satisfied, you renew your subscription on a monthly basis.

2. Invite-only basis

Sometimes, even if you’re willing to pay to get access to a cookgroup, you can’t join. The most professional and “plugged” groups are very exclusive and only allow a certain number of users to join. Keep in mind that sneaker cookgroups are small communities, and in order to keep everything in control, owners could go as far as handpicking who enters this community. And send the chosen members exclusive invites to join. And if you don’t make the cut, you won’t be a part of their “FAM”.

3. Buy someone’s group membership

If you couldn’t get invited to THAT cookgroup, you can find an ex-member who is tempted to sell their membership. These people generally display their group subscriptions on Twitter or Discord for people who WTB (want to buy) cookgroup memberships. But you might end up paying resale price for this membership, and it can get pricey.


Elite discord sneaker group should provide valuable and resourceful information as well as a range of benefits.  And the overall advantages of being a member of a cookgroup include the following: 

  1. Ease of access to early and valuable information
  • Release calendar and quick notification
  • Site lists for major releases and shock drops
  • Premium early and ATC links before sites even publish them
  • Sneaker Leaks
  • Resell predictions for every release
  • Bot success reports after every release
  • Detailed and in-depth guides: release or server guides, checkout tips.
  1. Fast monitors


  • Shopify and non-Shopify monitors 
  • Supreme monitors
  • Bot monitors
  • Raffle monitors

The cookgroups’ monitors should ensure that its members are the first to know about new releases and restocks on a large number of websites. 

  1. Useful discord tools and resources:

Cookgroup members also get access to many valuable tools and resources that would help and increase a sneakerheads chance in copping and monitoring.  

  • ATC link generator
  • StockX bot
  • Bot price checker
  • Password page monitor
  • Account generators
  • Exclusive keywords
  • Proxy generators
  1. Networking:

Cookgroup members can enjoy being part of a more connected society through communicating on slack or discord. The users you get in contact with are real humans sharing that same interest of yours. With time you get to know more about some of the members and build highly valuable connections and friendships to make it in this game.

  • Helpful community: 24/7 support and guidance to sneakerhead members 
  • Exclusive giveaways on bots, servers, proxies and more
  • Exclusive group buys: usually with bot and proxy companies
  1. Physical or digital marketplace: 

Some cookgroups feature sneaker reselling channels for safe selling, exchanging, and sneaker buying. This way, a sneaker cookgroup would help you cop and flip, just what you need to get your copping to the next level. 


With all these benefits sneaker cookgroups offer, it’s safe to say they’ve made a great leap in the sneaker copping world. A leap you all needed to cop more sneakers in a faster and smoother way.

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