Nike Refurbished: A huge step towards reducing Nike’s footprint.

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More life. Less Waste. This is what the Nike Refurbished initiative lives by. Previously only offered at select locations, the program is part of Nike’s commitment to sustainability. First introduced in 2021, the campaign gives a second life to slightly sported products and resells them for up to 50% off!

Nike Refurbished move to zeroWhat is Nike Refurbished and how does it work?

As we’ve previously stated, Nike Refurbished is an initiative by Nike as part of its ongoing ‘Move to Zero’ mission. It includes returns, exchanges, and shoes with small imperfections in both men’s and women’s performance and lifestyle footwear.
Basically, the Nike team of experts inspects items they cannot sell as new and carefully cleans and sanitizes them. The team then allocates the items into 3 categorized conditions. After that, refurbished products go on sale at select stores at a can’t-beat price. Look for the Nike Refurbished signage and packaging.
The three refurbishment conditions are as follows:

  • Like New: Perfect or near-perfect condition. They are like new with no sign of wear or flaws.
  • Gently Worn: They are in excellent condition with visible light wear or slight imperfections.
  • Slightly Imperfect: No signs of wear but slightly imperfect (stain, mark, discoloration, or fading). Otherwise like new.

Are all imperfect shoes eligible for Nike Refurbished?

Nike footwear that cannot be sold as brand new is eligible for Nike Refurbished. This could include a pair that a consumer returned or exchanged from a recent purchase because it wasn’t quite right for them, or shoes with a small imperfection.
However, not every Refurbished item will meet a sellable condition, but that doesn’t mean it heads to a landfill. Nike donates these items or recycles them into new life.

Can I bring in my Nikes for refurbishment?

At this time, Nike doesn’t accept any in-store product deposits from customers. Neither in donation or selling form. Nike however encourages all of us to donate or responsibly recycle footwear at the end of use.

Where Can I Buy These Goodies?

You can find a list of all physical stores here, or check Nike’s official refurbished platform in the comfort of your home.
As refurbished items are sourced differently, sizes and colors for specific models may have limited availability. As such, Nike encourages shoppers to regularly check the platform for updated stock.

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