Nike Dunk All Star High: Ballin’ in Style Since 1985!

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Update [2/13/2021]: So, as much as we felt the hype for the Nike Dunk All Star release, it didn’t happen. The sneakers’ release date moved to March 9, 2021. That’s probably due to postponing the game itself! Will you still be copping in March? We totally recommend it because you can never have enough Nike Dunks!

It’s almost All-Star 2021 fam! We love all the excitement and the buzz. But whether you’re a basketball fan or not, you can’t ignore the sneaker show! The event inspires a whole lineup of sneakers that players kickstart on game day. And if you’re a sneakerhead who wants exciting new sneakers, February is the perfect time to scan your options! But on top of our list, we got the Nike Dunk All Star with its interesting colorway. So here’s all you need to know before copping on release day and killing that shit with TSB! And speaking of great Dunks, you shouldn’t miss the new Baroque Brown release.

Nike Dunk All Star is a Minty Pair!

We love us a fresh pair of kicks, and what’s fresher than mint green? The new Nike Dunk All Star features a pastel looking mint green leather base. It’s actually called “barely green” for a good reason. Anyway, the overlays outshine the minty base with black patent leather. But that’s not all, the patent leather has an interesting wavy pattern all over. It kinda reminds us of the patterns we see on the hardwood floor! The coolest addition though is the NBA All-Star 2021 Indiana tag on the heel. Although the All-Star 2021 won’t be happening in Indianapolis anymore, it’s a cool reminder of what could have been. Finally, the look is complete with a white midsole and a complementary black outsole.

nike-dunk-all-star-high       all-star-heel-tag

Nike Dunk All Star was gonna drop on February 11, 2021. But we ain’t always getting what we wish for; the release date changed to March 9, 2021! And it’s not really surprising, the date-pushing game isn’t really new. We actually get that almost every year, so we should defo expect some more date changes. Anyway, the adult sizes will retail for $120, but we’ll also get GS and little kids’ sizes!


How Much Will You Pay? $120 or $1400?

Alright, let’s talk money. The new Nike Dunk All Star certainly has the potential to be one of the year’s best Dunks. And fam, you really don’t wanna skip that release, and here’s why. The kicks resell today for $1,400 on average! Crazy, right?! And let’s cut the crap for a sec, you really wanna be on the receiving end of this amount of cash. So if you wanna cash out on the release, you’ll need to buy for retail. The only way to do that is with TSB, the best and most consistent Nike Bot in the industry! It will actually help you cop on 45+ regions, so wherever you are in the world, we gotchu. So don’t forget to keep tabs on the releases on our blog. And don’t miss your chance to win a free copy of TSB on our Twitter @The_Shit_Bot!

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