Jordan 11 Cool Grey: Classic Shit Is Always a Winner!

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We love having OG Jordan colorways in our rotation. Like it’s just this no-brainer when we discuss our Js. But we all have this soft spot for some non-OG kicks like the Space Jams and others. But today, we checkin’ out a pair we all, seriously all, love and want in our collection. The Jordan 11 Cool Grey has the looks, history, and finally, a release date! Let’s check them kicks out and see why they’re worth your time and energy.


Air Jordan 11 FTW!


Okay, we’re really not hyping this pair up, it’s hot on its own! The silhouette is one of the Air Jordan line’s most successful kicks. Why? Honestly, we can’t exactly tell you, but we can take some wild guesses! For one, everyone wants what Michael Jordan wears. And when he wears the same pair of kicks the whole season, that means he loves them! So when you own kicks your idol loves, you feel a connection there.

There’s also the fact that the 11s are something else. The design is super different, the patent leather is an eye-catcher, and everything else about it is nice! And finally, every December, the sneaker industry made it a tradition to wait for the 11s that JB will drop. So who are we to argue? When the kicks drop, we cop. It also is kinda cool that the kicks are some of the coolest-looking out there.

But… What’s So Special About Jordan 11 Cool Grey?

First off, it’s one of the most popular non-OG colorways of the line, for a good reason! Well, obviously, MJ agrees, because he wore this colorway on multiple occasions when he played with the Washington Wizards. And when Jordan 11 Cool Grey first dropped in 2001, everyone wanted a pair! And the kicks are collectible-level awesome. So naturally, when people went above and beyond to get that shit in 2010, it totally made sense.

And Now It’s Back!

Jordan 11 Cool Grey is making the Mighty Holiday Comeback after 10 years of being MIA! The pair will come in the same materials as the OGs. Durabuck on the top half of the upper and patent leather on the lower half is everything we love about the kicks. Throw in some ice blue outsoles and you get the sickest shit in the world! The Jordan 11 cool Grey will drop on December 11, 2021, as a holiday treat for us Jordanheads. They’ll retail for $225, but they’re worth $400 on the resale market. So if you flip ‘em, you get some pretty awesome side cash!


Buy Jordan 11 Cool Grey Because YES.

Do we really need to convince you to make the best purchase of the holiday season? Probably not. But when something is that good, people will be competing like wild cats to own them. So you can take the smart road and get a Nike SNKRS bot to run on drop day. A sneaker bot always boosts your luck at a W but doesn’t guarantee it. So always make sure you know your shit before drop day! Good luck!

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