Fragment Dunks Make A Comeback: First Stop in Beijing!

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So far in the year, it’s safe to say that Nike Dunks are the coolest kicks of 2021! The revival started as early as 2019, but man, do we love the 2021 Dunk colorways! Don’t get us wrong fam, 2020 had its pretty lit releases, but 2021 took shit to a whole new level. And in 2021, the Fragment Dunks are making a comeback with a twist. You know we love our exact re-releases, but eh… we gotta make do with what we get. And we’ll be totally honest to God here, we can’t wait for that drop, especially after the Lakers Dunks


Fragment Dunks: The 2010 Sensation

Okay so, it’s 2010, tight pants and street styles are killing the fashion scene. And what do you do when a new wave of fashion hits? You ride the shit out of it! But we also got a spicy collab between Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment Design and Nike. The end result was a pretty fly Nike Dunk City Pack that had 3 mismatched pairs! In all honesty? The pack was pure heat and everyone wished for the chance to go back and buy it!


2021’s Fragment Dunks Take Us to Beijing!

The original 2010 Beijing Fragment Dunks featured a mismatched upper of black and wine purple leather. One side had a black base with purple overlays, the other came in the exact opposite color-blocking! You could find the Fragment Design lightning logo embossing on the heel to complete the look. Today, the 2010 pair resells for at least $1,000! So sleeping on a pair for a decade never sounded better, did it?


This year, the Fragment Dunks are coming back, and we feelin’ the hype already! But an OG replica is too good to be true homies. That’s why Nike is dropping the kicks with a twist. First, the kicks will match this time, kinda serious but we’re fine with that! The upper comes in a purple leather base with black leather overlays. The second bit is interesting though. We have the sneaker’s style code on the white midsole with the brand names along with SU21. Safe to assume that SU21 stands for summer 2021, amirite?


Release Deets

2021’s Nike Fragment Dunks will drop on June 5, 2021, for $150. So better get them bots ready chaps, the competition will be hot on these! Besides the very good looks, the kicks will make you some nice cash in resale. You can flip ‘em for $500 on average, so imagine how much multiple pairs will make?

How to Cop the Fragment Dunks

You really wanna get your hands on the sneakers? Then you gotta have a Nike bot up for the job, especially if you want multiple pairs fam. And make sure you invest in a powerful bot like TSB to cook and succeed like there’s no tomorrow! Lucky for you, TSB is always keepin’ up with the changes in the industry and pushing updates. Our users recently copped their fair share of success, so why not be on the next wave of poop yo?

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