A Ma Maniere Jordan 4: Simple Shit Really Is Beautiful!

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a-ma-maniere-jordan-4Once again, we’re back with a very cool collab between JB and A Ma Maniere. We lowkey were expecting the A Ma Maniere Jordan 4 to come at some point. Y’all know we already have the 1s, 2s, and 3s, so why not go the extra step? And if we’re honest, we’d love to add this extra pair to our collection and flex it! Now, what do these joints have to offer? And why are we totally gonna cop on drop day? Read on to find that out and a lil bit more info that’ll come in handy! Meanwhile, since we’re discussing cool kicks, Jordan 4 Midnight Navy is dropping soon; check it out here!

A Ma Maniere Jordan 4: Serving Looks Never Looked So Easy

Before we start dissecting the shit out of the new kicks, we gotta say it. A Ma Maniere so far hasn’t missed with any of their takes on different Jordan silhouettes. Every pair they dropped totally ate on the market and among sneakerheads! And the Atlanta-based brand doesn’t seem like it wants to stop anytime soon fam. That’s why we felt like a kid on a Christmas morning when leaks of new kicks went out!

The new A Ma Maniere Jordan 4 is simply simple! You know what they say, “if it ain’t broken, why fix it?” And obviously, simplicity been serving the AMM x Jordan partnership really well. So, the new AJ4 features a purple nubuck upper with full-on purple lacewings! The sail and black soles complete the design and make it look extra sharp. 

And the co-branded Nike Air x A Ma Maniere heel tabs are the cherry on top. The coolest deets about the kicks are the phrase on the inside of the heel tab though. They read “It’s not about the shoes” and “It’s about where you’re going.” Oh, and we ain’t forgetting the Dior-worthy insoles that scream luxury! So all in all, the kicks look lit enough to make it to the top of everyone’s must-have lists!

Release Deets

A Ma Maniere Jordan 4 will probably drop on November 23, 2022, for $225! We say probably because the exact date could always change, especially since the other collab is dropping on the same day. What other collab? Well, A Ma Maniere also has a Jordan 12 on the way! But anyway, the focus here is on the 4s, which resell for $623 on average. So if you’re trying to start a sneaker resale business, flipping a couple of these babies ain’t a too shabby idea!


Wanna Score A Few A Ma Maniere Jordan 4 Pairs?

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