This Dope TV Shoe is the Next Best “Thank You” from the Dunk Highs

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Another day, another dope sneaker away. A new Dunk is coming up, fam, and it’s gonna give you nostalgia chills down your sneakerhead spine. This shoe is gonna take you back far before this shitty pandemic, to a time where your TV pooped colors when it lost signal. So, what’s the deal with this TV shoe?

Nike’s skater Nike SB has tuned into the SB Dunk High, fam, mixing-up an all new “TV Signal” style. A colorful makeup inspired by the “no signal” sign ya’ll see (or used to, atleast) when your TV isn’t working right… With a combo of bold prints and classic base colors, this Dunk is going to be one hell of an addition to the SB Dunk line this year.

What Does this TV Shoe Look Like?

The shoe features a classic White leather toe box overlayed with Black nubuck on the forefoot, lace collar, and heel. Striking the matte suede is a contrasting Swoosh that hits the sides in a shiny black patent leather. And here it comes down to the shoe’s main feature: the “TV Signal” color bars at the midfoot and collars. The print combines green, blue, yellow, red, and purple stripes with static-style white flakes for the “no signal” vibes. On the white mesh tongue, you will find a white tag with black “Nike SB Dunk High Pro” tv-shoe-sb-dunk-06 tv-shoe-sb-dunk-06

“No Signal” Right In The Face

Another kickass element of these Dunks are the soles. The “No signal” feel hits the back of this shoe, too, just in case you wanna flex your Dunks upside down. Well, why not? Add to that, insoles also bear dope signal graphics along with a runtime of 0:0:01. Wrapping it up, a Zoom Air-loaded white midsole atop a black rubber Dunk outsole complete the design of these cool tv-shoe-sb-dunk-06

Release Info: Sad News for US Peeps

Early info on the internet had previously revealed that the SB Dunk High “TV Signal” will release on May 15, for $110. Where though? Unfortunately, the release is Europe exclusive, as the US drop was announced cancelled earlier.

Light at the end of this shitty tunnel…?

Hold up, though, and wipe your sneakerhead tears, y’all. There’s still some hope. The page that posted the first shots of the TV Signal kick, L.E. Way Singapore, is based in the APAC region. And based on the impression they gave us, there’s a possibility that there will be a global release. Fingers crossed, peeps!

Copping the Nike SB Dunk High

TSB is your best shot at this TV shoe. Not only is it the shittiest bot out there, but TSB also supports over 45 regions and is consistent as hell. The resale price of this Dunk is already a good $256. So, if you got A-game at copping more than a few pairs, you’ll be saving up some bucks. What better way to thank your beloved TV; the best invention that ever existed? After all, fam, admit it! Who saved your asses during COVID days?



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