TSB Software Subscription

(197 customer reviews)

$300.00 / year

Want to cop Nike SNKRS the easy way?

The Shit Bot (TSB) is the only sneaker bot for you! Boasting an impressive success rate on most hyped releases, TSB is what will secure you those exclusive kicks.

Our users have achieved crazy success in 50+ global regions on both Mac and Windows. Check out our Twitter to see for yourself.

And if you’re new to the game, don’t worry – our support team will guide you through all releases, and you’ll never miss out again!


You won’t miss any SNKRS drop
TSB has an industry-record
copping on ALL RELEASES!

TSB users made millions in resell,
buying Nike sneakers from
50+ regions globally

In just the first 6 weeks of 2023
TSB users made an easy $2 million
in reselling profit!

Mass Create & Edit Tasks

Mass create unlimited tasks on every release, using all your profiles and Nike accounts.

Worldwide Regions

TSB supports 50+
Nike SNKRS regions worldwide

Releases Support

The Shit Bot supports both SNKRS
and FCFS Nike releases

Address Jigger

The Shit Bot’s Address Jigger will edit your shipping address so you can cop multiple pairs and avoid order cancellation

Account Checker

No time for Ls when the kicks drop
check all your Nike accounts using TSB and be ready to COP!

Speedy Checkout

Multi-threaded technology to ensure a
very fast and smooth experience all the
way to checkout.

197 reviews for TSB Software Subscription

  1. Watsongxx

    I love the checkout sound and in love with how easy this bot is to use.

    Let alone the release guides every day they post it feels like they offer you everything you need!

  2. Donnell

    Excellent bot and excellent request module, this is like child’s play you create like 1000 tasks if you have enough resources and cop unlimited pairs.

    I would recommend TSB as it’s a money making machine

  3. hangingwithLs

    Good bot, i have Pooped with it 3 times and it has been going amazing so far just waiting for new regions to be ready

  4. Nami’s Snkrs

    2.0 is a huge W.

    In love about everything about it’s UI and the monthly subscriptions.

    Hopefully we get a full fledged optimized version and this bot is the number one in this whole game.

  5. Wkicksstream

    I am a reseller/streamer

    And the bot is definitely worth mentioning in my stream.

    I did one live cop with it and it never disappointed me

  6. TSBUser

    W TSB, best bot with the best UI

    IMAP feature is a savior and can’t wait for more stuff like this

    Keep it going team

  7. Yang



  8. Stevianyith

    Appreciate this bot honestly.

  9. Duschel

    Ya’ll are missing out if you dont buy tsb.

    Easiest way to make money in this industry is with this bot.


  10. Lindelof

    This bot has everything up to date almost all regions and all features that you need this thing is crazy.

    Shout out to loganx for amazing support

  11. DamianXL

    Best bot in EU hands down.

    Nl drops cooked, EU Drops cooked, every release i run i atleast have one pair in the bag never in loss despite the ban waves TSB always pull through.

  12. Stevynagith

    This bot is cooking. I haven’t been copping i believe its my setup

    But the amount of success that the korean users are doing is insanely good and i can’t believe why people are not picking this bot up.

    These are insane numbers looking at stock. Keep it up tsb!

  13. LavillMut

    I got access to 2.0 its still in the works.

    All i can say even when its not fully ready im cooking really low stock drops and have never faced a clip form almost a month now.

    This bot is gonna be better than USNKRS and Wrath combined

  14. Leonora

    Need 2.0 Fast!

  15. Wingmans

    Just want to post this as an appreciation for the bot.

    Never missed a drop so far never got my accounts banned.

    I can say this bot is your go to when it comes to restocks on gs regions as well.

  16. Jamal

    I cant wait for 2.0 this bot will cook the whole industry.

    I have seen a sneak peek in their discord and let me tell you this bot will cook tf out of nike.

    Get on the train fast!

  17. langling

    I am running tsb 24/7, never been this comfy on a bot.

    Always changing and updating it’s security to counter bans. Doesn’t consume a lot of data totally in love with this bot.

    A 10/10 product totally recommned it

  18. Stevynagith

    could be better waiting for 2.0

  19. Ernesthenia

    Lovely bot with amazing features would definitely recommend it to anyone running nike.

    MR schiesse is the goat

  20. Braggersnk

    Cooked on travis golf.

    They gave me some accounts that managed to cop on the travis i love this team.

    Very kind and helpful. Helped me setup from a to z!

  21. Kicks4Chicks

    Was able to cop on a JA shock drop thanks to tsb.

    Very fast and efficient and you can run as many tasks as you want with keeping the quality of your setup

    Definitely top 1 bot!

  22. Cookingkith

    This bot rocks nike it actually destroys it.

    I wish it supported more site like finishline and footsites with this amazing module.

    I would recommend this bot if you want a nike standalone bot

  23. UmaiSho

    I bought a monthly but i was wrong.

    I should have definitely bought a yearly because it’s cheaper and this bot makes you its worth within the first 3 drops.

    What an amazing bot would def recommend it

  24. KicksKingdom23

    This bot is incredibly impressive when it comes to restocks and “first-come, first-served” (FCFS) releases.

    I successfully acquired about 10 pairs of pandas, and now I’m eagerly anticipating some upcoming highly sought-after releases.

    I have full confidence in TSB; it’s a highly responsive and speedy bot that I trust will continue to perform exceptionally.

  25. Umami

    Bot is really goood just missing a shopify module please!

  26. SoleSeekerPro

    I had the privilege of utilizing this bot during its beta phase, and I must say, it exceeded all expectations. The bot is incredibly user-friendly, packed with impressive features, and backed by excellent Discord support. What’s even more exciting is that it’s still in its alpha phase, which means there’s even more greatness to come! I’m eagerly anticipating the bot’s continued improvements as I gear up to conquer future Nike releases with TSB.

  27. Evelyn Summers

    This bot brings excitement back to SNKRS releases, and I’m ready to invest in it immediately because I’ll seize any chance to purchase.

    It’s packed with so much innovation!

    TSB is number one

  28. ahmed

    want tsb 2.0

  29. Divinean

    I want a sneak peak of TSB 2.0 this bot rocks and it will get a new upgrade.

    Can’t wait to cook all of nike! Def better than USNKRS

  30. Barko

    I love TSB on restocks just managed to get 2 pairs on EU for the albinos.

    At first i wanted a refund but the staff sat down with me and helped me out setup the bot and perfect the setup.

    One of the best communities out there. Thank you TSB!

  31. FreddieD

    This bot nice for a starter but now im more advanced and adding to it other bots since i wanna bot shopify and other sites.

    But for a bot for nike this is one of the best bots and totally recommend it

  32. MhmadAhmad

    Best bot in UAE honestly.

    We have very rare drops and they are very very limited but TSB never misses i love this bot.

    I recommend it in UAE

  33. Markered

    Awesome bot!

    Good j1gging features, very easy and understandable and devs are always up to fix issues.

    The bot is fast and what’s nice is that you can create more than 1K tasks with 1 instance!

    I would rate the bot 10/10

  34. AlltimeSNKRS

    Restocks on this bot are top notch.

    I love how this bot is fast to catch items and i have been getting tons of pairs just via restocks.

    I would totally recommend this bot to everyone new. 10/10

  35. Santos’em

    Wish it support Nike BR.

    This bot is doing crazy on US and EU im jealous and need that in brazil!

  36. Gaden

    Got this bot from a groupbuy.

    2 days later i checked out my own pairs of terrors.

    Amazing bot honestly and i would totally recommend it to any newbie out there looking to join this industry.

    This industry has a lot of money and TSB is your money mine fr.

  37. Danny

    The anticipation was truly justified, as this bot has revitalized the excitement of SNKRS releases. I’m ready to invest without hesitation, as I’ll seize any chance to make a purchase. The level of innovation is truly impressive!

  38. Raymond

    One of the best bots for Europe.

    I managed to cop tons on sneakers day i made on sneakers day alone $4k+ thanks to TSB and MR scheisse.

  39. Mark

    No footsites

  40. JimmyNL

    This bot is awesome so far i copped 4 pairs in 2 months still waiting to perfect my setup.

    Support have been going at it and helping me alot and i appreciate it.

    I will make sure to rate it at 5 stars once i get a lot of profit

  41. Gotems

    This bot is in my Top 2 bot honestly.

    I use NSB and TSB and im copping all over the place.

    TSB Nike module is the best out there on nike and it’s the most consistent.

    Never was banned and their new safe mode is always doing good so i do not think using any other bot from now on.

  42. Mandango

    Today i got my 100th checkout on tsb.

    Can’t believe i could achieve such numbers. Grateful for the team and MR scheisse they really know how to treat their users and give them their money value back.

  43. Giodoor

    Will be using this bot on turkey as i am moving to turkey.

    I believe this bot will cook for me like i did in the US.

    Very efficient and the support was really nice helping me one on one support.

  44. RenallMamba

    I am new to this bot.

    Wondering what’s coming next for updates so far the bot looks amazing imo.

    I copped one pair yesterday i only have bought it for 2 days

  45. Erika

    Love how the bot has been recently.

    I managed to cop 3 pairs of GS sizes of the kobes halo.

    I wish if we could add account groups and more features that could help us distribute stuff but for now the bot is perfect!

  46. RaveSNK

    Won TSB in a giveaway, and this was the best blessing i have ever had! truly the best bot in Europe when it comes to Nike SNKRS.

    I have copped restocks for lost and found, pandas, Kobes and many more.

    The easiest bot you could use out there definitely buying my own license when my key expires.

  47. JamalT

    I usually run on GS regions and this bot cooks for them, but i still do not have the perfected setup. I usually cop a pair or 2 every week.

    Looking for good providers to help me perfect my setup

  48. Jay Dem

    A big W for me, copping the bot made me literally hit on every drop and restocks too.

    no bot is as good as TSB when it comes to restocks.

    Got my new car because of this bot after 2 years of botting the best investment ever.

  49. AnothaBanga

    The shit bot has been the top tier bot for me when it comes to nike botting.

    I have been botting nike for 3 years now and this bot is top tier never wavers.

    I have made profit almost every month for like 1000$+

    I made it’s renewals cost and more profit. If you are looking for a starter bot + a top tier bot this is your way.

  50. BenjimanSolo

    Wish this bot has adidas confirmed because it cooks nike really good 🙁

    Please Add AdidasConfirmed

  51. Maryianna

    Amazing bot really.

    You can’t imagine how easy this bot makes reselling nike shoes are.

    Gets you any limited pair you want and i never found any difficulties.

    Hats off to the devs honestly.


    one of the best bots in the industry rn.

    I have never seen a bot this consistent on nike and across all regions.

    I went to the US and managed to cop around 7 pairs on the US region.

    I went to CA and managed to cop 12 pairs of pandas on CA.

    This bot never disappointed me just wish it was a bit faster when getting results

  53. Phillipp

    I just recently got this bot and its doing wonders tbh i know i have only copped bricks but even before when i was using USNKRS i had problems with even checking my accounts.

    With TSB Everything went smoothly.

    Thank you tsb devs.

  54. CactusLAng

    This bot is so amazing.

    The way the accounts are checking very easily and how easy it is to setup your IMAP.

    I checked my 120 fresh accounts in about 5 mins and they were ready to be ran!

    I checked out about 12 pairs so far and ive only ran 4 releases! Got the bot’s worth already easily.

  55. Mhmd3a


  56. LazyTahm

    Best nike bot in the market!

    Can’t emphasize how fast and efficient this bot is. I managed to get crazy profit that i managed to get a car recently!

    Thank you TSB

  57. JesusLCC

    Add Nike BR please your bot is the best

  58. MalekLoves

    This bot is super insane when it comes to restocks and FCFS.

    I managed to cop around 10 pairs of pandas but now i just have to wait for a few more hyped releases.

    I believe TSB is a very sharp and fast bot and it would not disappoint me.

  59. GupalSNK

    The best bot i have ever seen on nike IN.

    I recommended TSB if you want a user friendly, with great support, and with features that would make your life so much easier


    Doesn’t support Nike Israel

  61. StarForces

    This bot has been pushing tons of new updates their flow mode has been going crazy.

    The way it handles proxies and profiles assigning is also really easy to use.

    My first ever bot and probably won’t need any other bot.


    t’s truly impressive to see what the people at TSB are accomplishing. Among all the bots currently available, theirs stands out with an exceptional success rate.

    This is the bot that is going to change the history i believe in TSB!

  63. Shittons

    This bot is absolutely amazing! From the community and mods to the hilarious success sound, it’s just perfect. Hats off to MR Schiesse for crafting such an incredible bot that rocks! Thanks a ton!

  64. RetroRunner

    In 2023, TSB proved to be the ultimate choice for me. Thanks to its exceptional performance, I generated substantial profits and had the pleasure of gifting my kids luxurious sneakers for Holidays. TSB made it possible for them to enjoy the finest things in life, even at a young age. A heartfelt thank you to TSB for making this incredible experience possible!

  65. Brand

    The best most consistent nike bot ever.

    Supports almost all regions and is working on each and every one of them

    If you have a perfect setup with this bot you are definitely hitting 10+ pairs on Nike.

    Keep it up TSB Team.

  66. NINICooks

    Nike india is crazy on this bot!

    Devs are always up to date with the issue and solving them ASAP before drops.

    I managed to make over 3K$ profit with TSB love this bot!

  67. MalysianKicks

    Took a while but TSB Devs fixed all of the bugs they have been facing recently in this short period of downtime.

    Time for me to make some profit off of chicago dunks and many more restocks!

    Thanks tsb.

  68. Reynardsnks

    TSB is a remarkable forward-moving bot. I wholeheartedly recommend it to all, even as a beginner’s choice. Trust me, it’s exceptional!

  69. Ramjun


  70. logan shitbot (verified owner)

    I had the privilege of utilizing this bot during its alpha phase, and I must say, it exceeded all expectations. The bot is incredibly user-friendly, packed with impressive features, and backed by excellent Discord support. What’s even more exciting is that it’s still in its alpha phase, which means there’s even more greatness to come! I’m eagerly anticipating the bot’s continued improvements as I gear up to conquer future Nike releases with TSB.

  71. LaceUpLover

    An outstanding experience! The support provided was truly amazing, and the developers were incredibly talented. The comprehensive guides made everything so easy to follow. And let’s not forget about the bot – it never disappoints! Every release has been nothing short of impressive. Highly recommended

  72. SneakerKicksFanatic

    This bot has performed moderately for me, and I managed to use it successfully during my initial attempt on Dorens restocks.

    At the moment, I would rate the bot a 2 out of 5 since I haven’t witnessed its complete capabilities yet.

  73. KicksEnthusiast369

    The Bot has proven to be incredibly valuable to me during restocks. In just an hour, the developers promptly addressed a logging issue and assisted me in successfully checking out a pair of Doernbecher Jordans! I’m thoroughly impressed with this bot and want to encourage the TSB Team to continue their excellent work.

  74. Jasmine Steele

    I had an incredible experience with my card provider issue thanks to the outstanding support from the TSB team. Their quick and efficient resolution through their bot had me up and running in no time, just in time for the highly anticipated drop. Their customer service is nothing short of exceptional, and their talented developers deserve a standing ovation for their remarkable work. This bot has been an absolute game-changer, allowing me to generate mind-boggling profits within a remarkably short period. With this newfound success, I can comfortably continue my sneakers reselling ventures with absolute ease. It’s truly awe-inspiring and beyond words!

  75. Mark Robert

    I’m absolutely thrilled with this bot! As someone based in Korea, the Shitbot has truly exceeded my expectations. It has been incredibly successful in helping me secure around 5 pairs of highly sought-after Travis, allowing me to make substantial profits. Even when faced with a couple of declines due to insufficient funds, this bot’s determination and persistence truly shine through. With its remarkable ability to handle multiple purchases without any limitations, the Shitbot stands out as the finest bot available in the market. It’s undoubtedly the key to maximizing profits and achieving great success in the sneaker reselling world. I wholeheartedly recommend TSB to anyone seeking a top-notch bot for their reselling journey.

  76. Kendrick


  77. MrJordans

    Easy to handle. Very newbie friendly.

    Wish nike was releasing more stock so i could have checked out more with this bot.

  78. Aydenshoecops

    I was with this bot since alpha phases.

    The developers and this bot never phased during every change nike did. This bot held it’s place and rocked the nike market.

    Once a shit member always a shit member

  79. Chul

    I love this bot.

    I am based in Korea and this bot did wonders for me. I copped around 20 pairs of Clots and i also had 2 declines because of insufficient funds. This bot has no limits it will keep going for as many pairs and make you tons of profit.

    TSB is the best bot out there.

  80. Danny Lacrosse

    Had an issue with my card provider but TSB team solved it immediately in their bot and made me ready to run before the drop within hours.

    Great customer service and awesome devs!

    Within month i made crazy profit with this bot to continue my Sneakers reselling comfortably.

    Awesome shit!

  81. Richardsss

    The bot is good.

    Knows how to counter bans but i believe they should add brazil region would be more profitable for me.


    I like to cop in all regions as i travel alot and this bot supports almost every region i have been in.

    I copped a variety of sneakers like jarritos, Pandas, Travis scotts and soon im looking to cop the born and raised in US.

    I know TSB will not disappoint me and hook me up with those pairs can not wait!

  83. Ishikawa

    The bot is good could get some improvements around being faster to check.

    Tho the development is great so is the customer service who are always there to perfect your setup and help you step by step to get the best setup you possibly could.

    I totally recommend TSB

  84. Gerald Tate

    Definitely worth the 300$!

    A bot that has address jigger and creates various j1gs for you in a simple press of a button.

    Not only that but the bot is super efficient in US and has been copping me tons of hyped releases! TSB to the poop!

  85. Monji lfg

    As a request based bot its amazing but i just prefer browser based bots

  86. LamLam

    Bot has been really useful for me on restocks.

    within one hour the devs fixed an issue regarding logging and they helped me checkout 1 doernbecher jordan! Love this bot

    keep it up TSB Team

  87. Mason Lorde

    This bot has been average for me, I was able to cop with it on my first try on Panda restocks.

    For now i would give the bot a 3/5 because i still didn’t see it’s full potential yet

  88. Adam KB

    I would rate this bot a 10/10.

    The fast updates that the team pushes immediately when they see an issue.

    They added IMAP and it made my life easier when checking accounts. Checked around 600 accounts within few mins.

    Love TSB and love the devs Keep it up.

  89. KhaleedMJ

    Bot is pooping good for me! Got me some Ja 1

  90. James Landon

    Cool bot

  91. Igor Adhemar

    Perfect bot, ate every release, I’m in France

  92. JJSnkrs1996

    Very good bot in korea. Very Active

  93. Rampart LTC


  94. Eun

    TSB bot shits in korea easy

  95. Ania Zilenski

    Best bot in poland.

    Cop every release <3

  96. Rodrick Manny

    The shit bot in its best times!

  97. YamiruXu

    Ever since korea was added i was pooping alot 😀

  98. JhinDo

    Poopin all day long! thank you TSB!

  99. TanakaSB

    The poop sound when you checkout is perfection XD!

  100. CarlRicharlson

    This bot has been moving forward only. I really really recommend the bot to everyone even as a starter bot

  101. NamGil

    TSB ate pandas on korea!

  102. Lizzywithrizz

    Bot is amazing

  103. Jack Nate

    Been cooking with TSB since beta. Bot is astounding. TSB is the perfect example of consistency!

  104. Ramzguns

    Cooking in thailand!

  105. Chan Yeol

    Nike KR added and i checked out! TSB Crazy!

  106. Randobando

    3 tifannys’ made about $3K profit LOVE TSB!

  107. Kixesforaces

    TSB to the moon!

  108. Brahkicks


  109. Billyys

    This bot is very unique from other bots in the snkrs industry, a request mode bot where you can expand as much as you want and not worry about tasks!

    Amazing bot!

  110. NavLav

    Amazing support, cool dev, amazing guide, and the shit bot never disapoints on releases!

  111. MinamiK

    Poop szn on JP. thank you TSB!

  112. Nanami Hiroto

    Best bot in jp, cooked lots of releases

  113. PolskaSNkrs

    Easy Ws on the 85s thank you tsb!

  114. MorganHein

    Never getting an L with TSB love it

  115. Nula

    Easy cooking!

  116. Bricks Seek

    Lobsters shock drop cookout! what can TSB not do man! best bot i have ever had

  117. HappyJ

    This bot is the shit! very clean very smooth i totally recommend

  118. AhmedAhmed

    Decent bot

  119. Larry J

    TSB is a nice request mode bot im still new to the bot but i copped 2 pairs on panda! i really love the work, but i wish i copped more!

  120. PengDev

    Super nice and unique bot in this industry! I love the work Mr scheisse

  121. ThomasSS

    Zerstöre jede deutsche freigeben

  122. EspaEspa


  123. Jayden

    Bro i got 23 pairs on Pandas this bot is back and its better than ever

  124. SNKRDEV23

    Love the work MR scheisse put its in this bot. Really good software

  125. Nicolas Mud

    TSB was the best in 2022 i managed to make tons of profits and got my kids some sneaker christmas gifts. Let them live lavish since they are young. THANK YOU TSB!

  126. Georgesnkrs12

    Getting a little bit of errors but this bot is amazing on the last travis drop

  127. SneakerBrcks

    Wow just got my self 5 pairs of the recent travis scott. TSB updates are fire recently

  128. Danica Lamps

    This bot is good and so easy to use. I really recommend TSB if you are just starting botting Request > Browser

  129. MayhemZ


  130. Xang li

    I dont always poop but it works

  131. Brim Rights

    Got my self some cherries using TSB. This bot cooks everything from AJs to forces on SNKRS its fire.

  132. John Harvard

    The shit bot is clean and simple as a starter bot i really like this bot

  133. Lilly Tyson

    All of the exclusive women pairs tsb got me, I am forever grateful!

  134. Amber Zap

    Got my self some panda restocks this bot is insane

  135. Harbor waters

    I love this bot! my first ever starter bot. Lovely community, active developer discord is amazing! totally recommend

  136. DannySneakers

    Just got some pandas on an EU restocks today this shit rocks!

  137. Albert Sneakers

    I like this shit!

    Been pooping every release tho needs some fixing in the UI

  138. Xiaou hu



  139. Hanagaki

    Needs more improvement on account checker but good bot

  140. Lara

    The shit bot is truly an amazing way to get your profits up when it comes to snkrs.

    Schiesse putting all the work and im in love with his bot.

  141. Cage

    I like this bot alot i copped alot but i dont like that fact that i can’t do more than 1K tasks because im a bulk runner

  142. Yuki Tatsumi

    This bot is lit, the community, the mods, the success sound LMAO, Everything about it rocks! Thanks MR Schiesse for creating such an awesome bot.

  143. Brada

    This is the shit i was waiting for. This bot is actually smooth, i managed to cop 6 Pandas with only 100 entries. I purchased a monthly and now im definitely getting the yearly after this banger of a clip

  144. Nasi

    First run, 2 pairs. Dunk Royal Blue

  145. Michael B.

    Shifting between snkrs bots, settled on TSB.

  146. Julian Schaefer (verified owner)

    Works so easy. It’s worth it!

  147. SneakerH

    I have never experienced a professional customer service similar to TSB’s. Great
    job guys! S/O to Logan

  148. FGS

    Travis scott goatedd

  149. Sandy

    Thanks for the great support!

  150. Vincenzo Genovese (verified owner)

    I was in alpha , the deve are season e and the bot works perfectly, i Think this Will change the game of sneakers😎!

  151. Caio Ludgero


  152. Artur Cepak

    best one

  153. Davo

    Had this bot for last 1 month of alpha. Used for 2 drops. first was L. 2nd was ow j5 and copped 3. TSB cooks

  154. Rooftopstackers

    This bot cooks! Best snkrs bot in the game.

  155. Eric

    one of the best nike bot in the market..need one retail copy…please send me a purchase link. thanks

  156. alpha1 (verified owner)

    Definitely the only nike bot you need!

  157. Winston Wolfe (verified owner)

    The GOAT 😍😍😍

  158. YAO WANG (verified owner)

    Pretty good

  159. NK

    Best bot in the game!! I personally don’t have it but I really want to cop it! TSB staff if you are reading this feel free to send me a discord invite 💩

  160. shaoxun chen (verified owner)

    best nike bot support canada

  161. jiachen zhu

    just want shit bot💩💩💩💩 go for it

  162. Zynn3108 (verified owner)

    Been a user since alpha. Would definitely want to continue using the bot if I get a chance to purchase.

  163. Aadem_R

    Ghost & BNB ain’t got shit on TSB

  164. No Nut (verified owner)

    This must be the best snkrs bot I have ever used!

  165. Otto (verified owner)

    Best bot❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  166. Otto (verified owner)

    Best bot ❤️❤️❤️

  167. anthonyy-y

    Ive heard many great things from TSB! Hopefully I can one day have the privilege of using it 🙂

  168. Julius

    The Best Bot i‘ve ever used and this in Alpha-Phase. Now its almost 3 months ago i joined Tsb as a Beta-Tester there was a learning curve from 0 to 100. Great Job.

  169. Alex1

    It seems this bot is the best snkrs bot in the game, never tried but better than bnb obviously lol

  170. aj

    Friend has a copy and copped multiple pairs with it. Great bot

  171. tuboloski (verified owner)

    This is definitely the best nike snkrs bot out there. hands down! hope to still be part after alpha, definitely buying and subscribing this one at any price. Because it is definitely the best.

  172. 💩

    poo poo wee wee

  173. haocheng

    No idea! Cuz I don’t have this bot!
    But I know your the best 💩king!

  174. nick (verified owner)

    good bot, Perfect team

  175. Jiang

    really want an invite, 🙁

  176. Daniel C (verified owner)

    I was blessed with the opportunity to use this bot during the alpha phase and let me tell you…this bot works wonders. Easy to use, lots of great features, and great discord support. Best of all, its still in alpha phase, meaning it only gets better from here! Definitely looking forward to dominating future nike releases with TSB.

  177. Jake Taube

    I have seen by the success of my brother and twitter users that this is the best nike bot out atm. Keep cooking

  178. Connor (verified owner)

    best nike bot I have ever used

  179. Fmc

    Used it once. Nothing beats tsb. It’s the bomb.

  180. Reginald Hence (verified owner)

    The wait was definitely worth it. This bot make SNKRS releases fun again. You might as welll take my money now, because I will cop at the first opportunity. So much innovation!!

  181. Christian (verified owner)

    I’m cooooooookin cooooooooookin

  182. Bethots (verified owner)

    legit the best nike bot in the world

  183. krystof stanek

    if anyone sees this, and has a key they can spare me, Bot-holomew#2727. ive been trying to get in for so long and it looks amazing . 5 stars

  184. Josh

    i dont even own the bot but i need this shit

  185. Hugo

    best bot ever,ofc if i can get chance to get invited xd, I don’t have shit bot, but I want, can Dev give me one chance?

  186. Jacob

    I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this bot.

  187. meedskicks

    Pretty amazing what the people at TSB are doing. Only bot in the game right now that is checking out with the success rate that they’re having. Unfortunately I feel like a window shopper because I don’t have the bot and comfort my constant L’s all month by looking at their success on twitter.

  188. 💩I’m Lovin It (verified owner)

    Best SNKRS BOT Litteraly destroyed JORDAN 5 ow

  189. Decentralwize

    Who would have ever thought that cooking shit would be so good.

  190. Decentralwize

    Seen this in action… I can’t wait to cook a feast.

  191. Anonymous wanna be Beta Tester

    Gimme an alpha invite please

  192. wont stop til tsb gives me an invite

    TSB should give me discord access 🙁

  193. Adam

    Best nike bot in the industry

  194. mrwhyizufrontin#9331

    fast bot, clean ui and great support.

  195. AdanB

    This bot is easy and efficient at everything highly suggest copping

  196. Xiu Li

    I’ve seen too many bots, but this one is pretty amazing in a shitty way and it has best features top bots have and it’s still in Alpha phase

  197. William Yu (verified owner)

    Best alpha bot I have ever used/seen. Support is 24/7 and guide on every drop. Will most certainly cop lifetime.

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