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$300.00 / year

The Shit Bot (TSB) is the only bot you need to cop Nike. With over 96% success on 95 hyped releases you know this sh*t’s real.

CHECK OUR TWITTER to see just some of the success our users are having on our 50+ supported regions. And if you need help getting started? Don’t worry, our support team is there to help you every step of the way.


96% Consistency

TSB successfully GOT 92 out of
95 hyped Nike SNKRS releases

50+ Regions

Cops on 50+ Nike SNKRS regions including
US, Canada, UK, JP and AU

$5M User Profit

TSB users made $5M in profit in
2020 copping Nike Sneakers

  Main Features

Mass Create & Edit Tasks

Mass create unlimited tasks on every release,
using all your profiles and Nike accounts.

Worldwide Regions

TSB supports 50+
Nike SNKRS regions worldwide

Releases Support

The Shit Bot supports both SNKRS
and FCFS Nike releases

Address Jigger

The Shit Bot’s Address Jigger will edit your shipping address so you can cop multiple pairs and avoid order cancellation

Account Checker

No time for Ls when the kicks drop
check all your Nike accounts using TSB and be ready to COP!

Speedy Checkout

Multi-threaded technology to ensure a
very fast and smooth experience all the
way to checkout.

53 reviews for TSB Software Subscription

  1. Nasi

    First run, 2 pairs. Dunk Royal Blue

  2. Michael B.

    Shifting between snkrs bots, settled on TSB.

  3. SneakerH

    I have never experienced a professional customer service similar to TSB’s. Great
    job guys! S/O to Logan

  4. FGS

    Travis scott goatedd

  5. Sandy

    Thanks for the great support!

  6. Vincenzo Genovese (verified owner)

    I was in alpha , the deve are season e and the bot works perfectly, i Think this Will change the game of sneakers😎!

  7. Caio Ludgero


  8. Artur Cepak

    best one

  9. Davo

    Had this bot for last 1 month of alpha. Used for 2 drops. first was L. 2nd was ow j5 and copped 3. TSB cooks

  10. Rooftopstackers

    This bot cooks! Best snkrs bot in the game.

  11. Eric

    one of the best nike bot in the market..need one retail copy…please send me a purchase link. thanks

  12. alpha1 (verified owner)

    Definitely the only nike bot you need!

  13. Winston Wolfe (verified owner)

    The GOAT 😍😍😍

  14. YAO WANG (verified owner)

    Pretty good

  15. NK

    Best bot in the game!! I personally don’t have it but I really want to cop it! TSB staff if you are reading this feel free to send me a discord invite 💩

  16. shaoxun chen (verified owner)

    best nike bot support canada

  17. jiachen zhu

    just want shit bot💩💩💩💩 go for it

  18. Zynn3108 (verified owner)

    Been a user since alpha. Would definitely want to continue using the bot if I get a chance to purchase.

  19. Aadem_R

    Ghost & BNB ain’t got shit on TSB

  20. No Nut (verified owner)

    This must be the best snkrs bot I have ever used!

  21. Otto (verified owner)

    Best bot❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Otto (verified owner)

    Best bot ❤️❤️❤️

  23. anthonyy-y

    Ive heard many great things from TSB! Hopefully I can one day have the privilege of using it 🙂

  24. Julius

    The Best Bot i‘ve ever used and this in Alpha-Phase. Now its almost 3 months ago i joined Tsb as a Beta-Tester there was a learning curve from 0 to 100. Great Job.

  25. Alex1

    It seems this bot is the best snkrs bot in the game, never tried but better than bnb obviously lol

  26. aj

    Friend has a copy and copped multiple pairs with it. Great bot

  27. tuboloski (verified owner)

    This is definitely the best nike snkrs bot out there. hands down! hope to still be part after alpha, definitely buying and subscribing this one at any price. Because it is definitely the best.

  28. 💩

    poo poo wee wee

  29. haocheng

    No idea! Cuz I don’t have this bot!
    But I know your the best 💩king!

  30. nick (verified owner)

    good bot, Perfect team

  31. Jiang

    really want an invite, 🙁

  32. Daniel C (verified owner)

    I was blessed with the opportunity to use this bot during the alpha phase and let me tell you…this bot works wonders. Easy to use, lots of great features, and great discord support. Best of all, its still in alpha phase, meaning it only gets better from here! Definitely looking forward to dominating future nike releases with TSB.

  33. Jake Taube

    I have seen by the success of my brother and twitter users that this is the best nike bot out atm. Keep cooking

  34. Connor (verified owner)

    best nike bot I have ever used

  35. Fmc

    Used it once. Nothing beats tsb. It’s the bomb.

  36. Reginald Hence (verified owner)

    The wait was definitely worth it. This bot make SNKRS releases fun again. You might as welll take my money now, because I will cop at the first opportunity. So much innovation!!

  37. Christian (verified owner)

    I’m cooooooookin cooooooooookin

  38. Bethots (verified owner)

    legit the best nike bot in the world

  39. krystof stanek

    if anyone sees this, and has a key they can spare me, Bot-holomew#2727. ive been trying to get in for so long and it looks amazing . 5 stars

  40. Josh

    i dont even own the bot but i need this shit

  41. Hugo

    best bot ever,ofc if i can get chance to get invited xd, I don’t have shit bot, but I want, can Dev give me one chance?

  42. Jacob

    I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this bot.

  43. meedskicks

    Pretty amazing what the people at TSB are doing. Only bot in the game right now that is checking out with the success rate that they’re having. Unfortunately I feel like a window shopper because I don’t have the bot and comfort my constant L’s all month by looking at their success on twitter.

  44. 💩I’m Lovin It (verified owner)

    Best SNKRS BOT Litteraly destroyed JORDAN 5 ow

  45. Decentralwize

    Who would have ever thought that cooking shit would be so good.

  46. Decentralwize

    Seen this in action… I can’t wait to cook a feast.

  47. Anonymous wanna be Beta Tester

    Gimme an alpha invite please

  48. wont stop til tsb gives me an invite

    TSB should give me discord access 🙁

  49. Adam

    Best nike bot in the industry

  50. mrwhyizufrontin#9331

    fast bot, clean ui and great support.

  51. AdanB

    This bot is easy and efficient at everything highly suggest copping

  52. Xiu Li

    I’ve seen too many bots, but this one is pretty amazing in a shitty way and it has best features top bots have and it’s still in Alpha phase

  53. William Yu (verified owner)

    Best alpha bot I have ever used/seen. Support is 24/7 and guide on every drop. Will most certainly cop lifetime.

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